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This is the way

Our Etsy shop would have been 6 years old in April. But unfortunately it so happened that we can no longer sell on this marketplace since Etsy left Russia due to all the circumstances known to us. This was a very big loss for us as it was our main sales channel.  I can go to my shop account, see messages, see orders and reviews, and this  gave hope that someday we would return and be able to work in our store. But recently, all Russian sellers received news from Etsy that on April 4, access will be completely closed. It was a wonderful 7 years of work. During this time, we had 21243 sales, we received more than 4000 positive reviews and there were all 3 cases that we closed very quickly, I consider this to be our great merit. And now we are starting our new path, I hope no less successful.

And guys, I want to express my deep gratitude to you for those kind words of support that you wrote and continue to write, they really helped me not to fall into despair and look for a solution. You supported us with your orders and it gave us the opportunity to continue doing what we love. THANKS!


Sincerely yours Daria