About us

We are Igor and Daria, the creators of our family workshop. When we became parents, our life changed a lot. We have seen that children are so sensitive and open to everything that surrounds them that we need to create an inspiring educational environment for them, full of beauty and natural materials. Wood is a magnificent natural material that can fill children with lively energy and warmth. In our store you will find an adorable collection of handmade wooden toys for babies and toddlers that combine aspects of Montessori and Waldorf education. They are sure to become your children's best friends because they are filled with the loving energy of an artisan. Being hand-carved, hand-painted, our toys are unique and have individual characteristics, they help to instill in children a taste for beauty and a love of nature.
All of our toys are made from organic, natural materials and non-toxic, child-safe finishes and paints.
Welcome to the Tiny fox hole!